In addition to digital location and travel data display, the new options also include opportunities for crowd control. It is possible to display screens with information individually or in combination with each other.



Keeping menus and prices up-to-date has never been so easy!

Reacting to promotions can be optimised in off-peak hours and it is also possible to create a direct link with your cash register system. Products will immediately disappear from your screen(s) when sold out.



With this form of narrowcasting, the user has control. A narrowcasting system can be used for digital sales, but with the use of the right software, also as entertainment with a games element. 

Indoor &

Outdoor signing

Each market (industry, education, logistics, care, food, gas & oil and hospitality) has its own preferences and requirements. With indoor applications, touchscreens and fluorescent lighting are important factors, whereas with outdoor applications, sunlight levels and legal aspects must be taken into account to achieve the right solution. 



The message you want to convey when displaying a product is crucial. By combining the right product presentation with digital content, you can ensure that consumers gain the best possible impression of the product. Our in-house development team will work closely with you. 

Waiting room /

queue information

Unnecessary waits can be very annoying. By displaying accurate and up-to-date data (linked to your system), you ensure that the customer is properly and promptly informed while also having an opportunity to show content that makes waiting more pleasurable.


A little attention makes everything nicer. Especially if that attention is directed at your store. We offer numerous possibilities for displaying advertisements that are always visible and always adapt to visitor flows combined with visit times.  


Metrics put you in the picture. They tell you who viewed your screens and for how long. What message they took away with them and when. Access to information on which campaign actually increased sales. As an organisation, you want to be in control. We ensure that you have the information you need to make the right decisions.