Because we manufacture hardware in-house, we can offer high quality at highly competitive prices. The right application in combination with our software for every market. 


Our software is based on years of experience and stands out for its scalability, security and user-friendliness. Bespoke software that can be applied in your industry for your critical operational processes. 


The application can be accessed by users with different rights across the world, enabling them to manage content, set up campaigns and program playlists. This combined with big data or with set times. 


We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to implement numerous adaptations within your digital signage. Our marketing department can be of service to your organisation as and when needed. 


Because we are a worldwide player and produce our own software and hardware, we can provide extensive guarantees on quality, availability and security.


  • We provide differing screen variants

  • Touch screens

  • Facial recognition

  • Bespoke solutions

  • Tablets 

  • In-house R&D 

  • Innovative

  • Cost-conscious 

  •  Reliable


  • Big data; measuring & managing

  • Unique integration of our own software and hardware

  • Remote updates

  • Campaign development

  • Worldwide log-ins with different rights 

  • Efficient use of data traffic

  • Use via your own network or via 4G

  • Possibility of implementing client’s content workflow

  •  Implement data from various sources (social media and intranet environment or ERP) 


  • Easy to operate CMS

  • Simple selection of range/target groups based on store name, location name, municipality, postcode, city, shopping centre, etc.

  • Easily add, edit & manage campaigns and playlists

  • Clear reports, insight into ROI

  • Big Data 

  • Can be linked to iBeacon and NFC

  •  Make your own templates 

  •  Integration of several Information systems possible


  • Possibility of outsourcing marketing (campaigns) to Smile Ad

  • In-house graphic designers

  • We ensure that campaigns are online at the right time

  • Content visible on the desired number of screens and locations

  •  Total project management and/or realisation from installation through to implementation possible 

  • First-line support for hardware and software worldwide


  • Possibility for having campaigns taken over by Smile Ad

  • The latest development and security technologies

  • Possibility of insuring against hacking

  • SLA possibility for software, hardware and marketing (campaigns)

  • Replacement devices can be held in stock

  • Availability guarantees can be issued